Recent Papers and Blogs by Todd Ray


Over the last few years – at Microsoft and otherwise – I have had the opportunity to translate a wide range of customer inquiries and priority areas into (mostly) agenda-free, original guidance documentation, sometimes in the form of blogs, but also in long form papers. In fact, by the time I re-joined Microsoft early in 2015, I had written over 30 pieces, and I get requests for lots of this material a lot, so I decided to categorize and provide links to the content below. Please note that the papers tend to go into much greater depth than the blogs, which (in some cases) were somewhat tainted by marketing agendas.

Also note that much of this material was written as an independent and does not reflect the views of Microsoft, my current employer. In addition, the (non-Microsoft)  strategy consulting function mentioned in some of the papers and blogs may still exist, by I am in no way part of it.

Let me know if you have any questions!,

IT Strategy, Productivity and Enterprise Architecture

  1. Strategies for Delivering Productivity and Value with Information Worker Technologies (October 2015)
  2. Digital Transformation in 2015 and Beyond – The Changing Roles of IT, the CIO, Enterprise Architecture and Strategy (IASA paper, December 2014)
  3. Digital Innovation and Business Transformation (IASA, August 2014)
  4. Navigating the 5 Layers of Strategy Relevant to the Modern Digital Enterprise (May 2016)
  5. Envisioning the Future of End-User Computing and the Modern Digital Enterprise (Paper, July 2016)
  6. Incorporation of the Enterprise Architecture Function as a Key Element of IT Governance (Paper)

Digital Marketing

  1. System-Level Views and Metrics for the Customer Engagement Lifecycle (IASA, November 2014)
  2. Enabling the Rise of the CMT – Introducing the Digital Marketing Reference Model (IASA, September 2014)
  3. CMO Considerations for Digital Marketing (contributor)

Innovation, Design and UX

  1. Digital Innovation and Business Transformation (IASA, August 2014)
  2. The Rising Importance of Design Thinking and UX for Digital Innovation (September 2014)
  3. Developing Agile UX Strategies (September 2013)
  4. A Case for Agile Digital Strategy (September 2013)

Social Computing

  1. Intranet X.0 – Trends and Futures (September 2014)
  2. Re-Launching Your SharePoint Strategy for the SoMo Generation (June 2014)
  3. Avoiding Social Entropy – Getting out of your Social Silo and Into the Big Tent (March 2014)
  4. Agile Social Strategies – Adapting Social Solutions to Modern Workstyles (November 2013)
  5. Social Computing in the Enterprise – Building a Social Computing Strategy (December 2012)

Planning, Governance and Adoption

  1. Critically Re-thinking Governance, Again: Modernizing How You Manage SharePoint (May 2014)
  2. Re-thinking Adoption, Again – Novel Ways to Modernize SharePoint (May 2014)
  3. Business Whitespace Revisited – 10 Things You’re Still Not Doing with SharePoint (April 2014)
  4. SharePoint Planning and Adoption Framework (Paper)
  5. Optimizing Adoption for Business Transformation (Microsoft Paper)
  6. Adoption and Change Management for Enterprise Business Applications (November 2014)

Intranet Trends and Strategic Planning

  1. Intranet X.0 – Taking a Strategic Approach to Modernizing Your Intranet (September 2014)
  2. Intranet X.0 – Trends and Futures (September 2014)
  3. Don’t Forget About Governance for SharePoint WCM/Publishing! (August 2014)
  4. Strategic Briefing – An Un-radical Vision for Intranets in 2014 – Back to Basics, Dialing Back the Hype (September 2014)